Who Are The Top Twitter Users in India? [Hint: @Bdutt is Super Active, But Not Relevant]

Who are the top twitter users in India? Oh well, this question invites noise, as it assumes that the more you tweet, the more you move up in the rank. A good question to ask is who are the most relevant twitter users in India – i.e. people who share a lot of interesting articles and carry engaging discussions.

Infact, yesterday’s Bhagat Singh twitter trending story (* ) reminds one of not trusting the regular media/gurus channel blindly and instead rely on those who consistently share useful articles (i.e. do fact check).

Peerindex is a service that ranks your social impact on various platforms, by looking at your activity on these networks (e.g. Twitter) and specifically how other people respond to the things you say.

The ranking service essentially looks at three broad criteria

  • Authority: how well does a person resonate with their audience, and the world at large? How likely are they to say or share things other people will find interesting? Specifically Peerindex looks at content you share and whether other people act on it. The service also looks at the nature of the content (for example – whether it is about finance or sports; or whether it is about music or technology)
  • Audience: how large is a persons audience? How engaged?
  • Activity: how active is a person in order to drive the resonance and audience? (It helps to be active but not so active as to be a noisy, verbose spammer).

These factors are weighted and provide an apples-for-apples score of 1 to 100, where 100 is God-like and 1 is more normal. (The median score is 19). pluggdin_twitter

The service looked at several thousand Indian twitter users and here is the top 50.

Rank Name PeerIndex
1 Mahendra Palsule 66
2 poojakashayp 64
3 nikhil kumar verma 63
4 Karthik Srinivasan 62
4 Gautam Ghosh 62
6 Manan Kakkar 61
6 pjain 61
6 Rohan Joshi 61
9 Venkat Ananth 60
9 Hemant Mehta 60
9 Nitin Pai 60
12 Sidin Vadukut 59
12 Offstumped 59
12 pragmatic_desi 59
15 Malini Nair 58
15 Binoy xavier joy 58
15 Sudhamshu Hebbar 58
15 Peter Sebastian 58
15 gautam 58
20 Harsh Agrawal 57
20 Amit Paranjape 57
20 Rajeev Mantri 57
24 Vasudev 56
24 Gaurav Mishra 56
24 Kiran Kumar S 56
27 Nikhil Narayanan 55
28 Venkatesh K 54
28 Money Munot 54
28 pluGGd.in 54
28 Amit Agarwal 54
33 Ramesh Srivats 53
33 Sunil Abraham 53
33 Prasanna 53
36 pervin.sanghvi 52
37 Vijay Sankaran 51
37 Prem Piyush Goyal 51
37 Achyut Menon 51
37 Arun Rajagopal 51
41 Arpit Kumar 50
41 additiyom 50
41 Gautam John 50
41 barkha dutt 50
45 Sriram Vadlamani 49
45 Laghu Sikarwar 49
45 Jairaj P 49
45 Mahesh Murthy 49
45 Rawc 49
50 rajeev srinivasan 48

Pluggd.in stands at #28 (do follow Pluggd.in on Twitter).

Few Interesting observations:

  • Mahendra Palsule, editor of TechMeme, has the highest PeerIndex – this probably reflects his strong relationships with global authorities in the tech scene. He is frequently in discussion with real global titans like Om Malik (PeerIndex  95 — one of the highest) and Michael Arrington or Louis Gray – this improves his rank.
  • Someone like nikhil kumar verma (@inkv) is less known but has a commendable PeerIndex. This demonstrates a very effective use of Twitter for engaging his network.

Of the top 100 twitter users in India by followers: @bdutt scores highest with a PeerIndex of 50. This suggests that, while active on twitter, she is not having the level of impact she could have. Specifically, while engaging with her audience in discussion she doesn’t generate as high a proportion of retweets or sharing of information as some users with smaller audiences — which is a lost opportunity.

What’s your take on this ranking? The good part is that this ranking result comes at the right time – i.e. Bhagat Singh controversy clearly demonstrates the fact that you need to know whom to follow, based on their credibility (and not noise generation skills or association with a big brand).

* – Bhagat Singh Twitter Controversy

On Feb 14th, IBN Editor tweeted this

” On 14.2.1931, Lahore, in morning time the legendary BHAGAT SINGH, RAJGURU & SUKHDEV were hanged..Happy Valen.. Day”

This was retweeted by the sensational loving twitteratis and even the Wikipedia page was changed mentioning the wrong date [Bhagat Singh was hanged on March 23rd, not Feb 14th]. Bhagat Singh was a trending topic yesterday, and sadly there was no fact check by people (just a case of RT madness).
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