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5 Reasons Why Investors Might Not Want To Invest In Your Business!

No investor wants to lose money and so they’re particular about which startups they fund.  Here are some reasons why investors might not want to invest in your business. Thread #businessplaninnigeria #businessplan #funding #startup #nysc #retweet

1. You’ve approached the wrong investor. If you approach an investor who has no interest nor experience in your sector or market, then it’s very unlikely they will invest.

2. You have no coherent business plan. Without a solid business plan, the investor you approach will have no idea whether your startup is worthy of investment.

3. Your startup is not financially sound.  Investors like startup founders with some financial intelligence. If you’re spending too much money on products and strategies that do little to grow your business, this will reflect poorly on you

4. Absence of marketing strategies When you have no substantial strategies to make sure your product or service keeps reaching your target audience, investors will most likely not invest.

5. Absence of business acumen Investors recognize and respect a shrewd entrepreneur. You gain their trust when you demonstrate confidence and business skills.

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