Time to scale AAP? Some notes from product perspective.

I look at everything from product perspective and these 2 images say a lot:

AAP Delhi Election Results: 2015
AAP Delhi Election Results: 2015
AAP Delhi Election Results: 2020
AAP Delhi Election Results: 2020

(image courtesy: Hindustantimes).

What do I see?

A perfect execution. Results pretty much remain the same as last time.

What happened with AAP in the national elections?

A perfect disaster.

What really happened?

It was a case of premature scaling – when the core idea wasn’t even tested well enough to take it to a larger audience.

With AAP winning Delhi massively (that too against a ma$$ively funded party with a very active social following) – the product (i.e. ideology) is now well tested. Very well tested.


AAP has RETENTION (look at results)


And now is the time for Aam Aadmi Party to think scale. Maybe Arvind Kejriwal can give the CM post to somebody else and focus on scaling up at national level.

If you run a product org – time to pay attention to this election result. And the story after that (hint: national level in the next election).

People voted for what mattered to them in day to day life (i.e. education/electricity) as opposed to what other parties were selling (religion) – which is the same reason why they chose certain products vs. other bells-and-whistles solutions.

What are your thoughts?

Aside, what happened to Congress? They have become irrelevant (just like Orkut/MySpace once did). Will need to discover what it has to offer to the country.

PS: This isn’t a political piece. Rather, derived from what I observe.

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