How to start a startup

How to start and grow a startup in 2023 and beyond

The rules to start and grow startups have changed, thanks to Generative AI revolution.

Get the best of time-tested advice + new-age AI prompts to build, grow and scale your startup.

The self-paced interactive course is aimed at individuals who plan to startup or already doing one – and are overwhelmed with soo much of info and noise.

The very best of content

Learn from the OGs, from the world's best founders. We curated the best video from the web + our original content to bring you a comprehensive course

Videos, summaries and Interactive Quizzes

Learn from some of the best founders out there - we summarize the best videos on any topic for you so that you learn the most in the shortest amount of time.

Plus, exclusive founder interviews and interactive quizzes - to ensure you are practicing while learning

AI prompts for you

Make AI work for you. The course will bring you how to leverage AI and will give you the right prompts to help you accelerate your startup journey.

The cowards never started and the weak died along the way.

That leaves us.

Phil Knight
Nike Cofounder

How to Start A Startup Course Modules

How to get a startup idea and validate the Idea

Ideas are a dime a dozen. Learn the framework to pick up startup ideas and validate them.

How to Create a business plan

Learn to identify your target market, define your value proposition, create a financial model, and develop a strategy for growth.

Fundraising and pitching to investors

Learn how to pitch to investors, the different strategies of fund raising, different jargons in fundraising and how to structure your funding round.

How to find the perfect cofounders and build the early team

Learn to find the right cofounders, plus the tips and strategies to identify, recruit, and retain the best cofounders and build an effective early team.

Competitive analysis

Learn to conduct Competitive Analysis, how to prioritize competitors, and how to use the results to make informed business decisions.

GTM and Growth Marketing / Positioning

Learn the basics of GTM, Growth Marketing/ Positioning, and how to effectively launch a product or service into the market.


Startup learning meets AI prompts

Say NO to fake instructors who never started up and are doling gyaaaawn.

Learn from the very best and use AI to your max with AI prompts, created for you.

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