New Zealand plans to introduce law to make Google, Meta pay news publishers

“It’s not fair that the big digital platforms like Google and Meta get to host and share local news for free. It costs to produce the news and it’s only fair they pay,” New Zealand’s minister of broadcasting said.

The legislation will be based on a similar Australian policy, as well as provisions already in place in the UK and EU and Canada.

Banks have given up UPI space to fintech firms: RBI deputy governor T Rabi Sankar

“How is it that a system of transactions between two bank accounts has evolved in a way, where most of the business is owned by non-banks? Clearly, banks have missed a step here,” said T Rabi Sankar.

UPI apps facilitated transactions of $1.4 trillion between January and November 2022, with banks contributing less than 2% of that total.

Meta and Airtel come together to extend subsea cable system 2Africa Pearls

2Africa Pearls will be extended to Airtel’s landing station in Mumbai through cooperation between Airtel, Meta, and Saudi Telecommunication Company.

“The 2Africa cable will significantly boost India’s cable capacity and empower global hyper-scalers and businesses to build new integrated solutions and provide a high-quality seamless experience to customers,” said Airtel.

Google rolls out Android 13 OS for smart TV

The new version includes further performance and accessibility enhancements to support their developers in creating interesting apps for the upcoming TV generation.

Developers can expect audio attribute support for the active audio device and choose the best format without starting playback thanks to enhancements to the AudioManager API.

Nick Read to step down as Vodafone CEO

Nick Read, the chief executive of Vodafone, is leaving his position as group CEO after four years in the position. Margherita Della Valle, Vodafone’s chief finance officer, will take over Read’s position temporarily.

It follows a sharp decline in the share price of Vodafone this year and follows the company’s recent announcement of flat first-half earnings.

TIMEX unveils $2,500 Bored Ape watches and matching NFTs

500 watches with prominent displays of the owner’s ape or mutant will be made available through a collaboration between TIMEX and the Bored Ape Yacht Club group.

Timepiece Forge Pass NFTs, which can be created for 2 ETH, or around $2,500, are now available for purchase. Customers who purchase the watch will be able to personalise it with a selection of cases, straps, and etchings.

Google draws curtain over Duplex on the Web

A Google spokesperson said, “by the end of this year, we’ll turn down Duplex on the Web and fully focus on making AI advancements to the Duplex voice technology that helps people most every day.”

Initially, the function was made to assist Android users in purchasing movie tickets. Assistant gained website navigational autonomy thanks to Duplex on the Web.

Healthtech startup HealthifyMe slashes 150 jobs

15-20% of the startup’s whole workforce were let go. 16,933 employees were let go by Indian firms, including HealthifyMe, in 2022.

Employees in SME (subject matter expert), quality analytics, product, and marketing jobs have been impacted by the choice. The startup will extend medical coverage and provide a two-month severance payout.

WhatsApp to introduce picture-in-picture mode for video calls

Users will be able to use other apps while making a video chat on WhatsApp thanks to the new feature. It is expected that more customers will receive the functionality over the next several days.

The feature has already begun to roll out to some beta testers. With the new functionality, WhatsApp users will be able to multitask.

Samsung to increase fingerprint login security by 2.5 billion times

Instead of employing a tiny scanner that can only read one fingerprint at a time, the new technology will enable the entire OLED screen to scan numerous fingerprints simultaneously.

The tech behemoth also revealed in August of this year that it was working on an all-in-one fingerprint detection solution for “OLED 2.0” panels, the next-generation screens.

Apple headset shipments may not begin until the second half of 2023

Mass shipments of headset components will probably start in the first half of 2023, according to analyst Ming-ChiKuo, but he thinks fully built headset shipments may not start until the second half of the year.

A good opportunity for Apple to reveal the headset and an SDK for programmers would be at WWDC 2023 in June.

Amazon job cuts are now expected to reach 20,000

In an endeavour to lay off around 20,000 staff, company managers have been instructed during the past few days to look for employee work performance issues.

Staff at all levels will probably be impacted as Amazon employees are ranked from level 1 to level 7. The equivalent of 20,000 people is roughly 6% of corporate staff and 1.3% of Amazon’s 1.5 million-person workforce including hourly workers.

Apple fully resumes advertising on Twitter: Elon Musk

Twitter CEO Elon Musk stated during a two-hour Twitter Spaces chat that Apple has “fully resumed” advertising on the social media platform. Musk earlier charged Apple with abhorring “free speech.”

Additionally, Musk reaffirmed that Apple is Twitter’s top advertiser and reportedly spends more than $100 million a year on advertising.

Twitter Files: Elon Musk’s revelation about internal Twitter documents falls short

Musk appears to have released the documents to journalist Matt Taibbi, who published screenshots of emails between Twitter execs, the Biden campaign, and independent policymakers.

The messages largely show a team arguing how to decide and express a challenging moderation choice, despite Musk’s hopes that we will uncover records revealing that Twitter’s past employees made a sinister decision to aid current President Joe Biden.