AMA on Bootstrapping & Scaling Remote Culture : Bhavin Turakhia

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On Thursday, April 2nd, we have Bhavin Turakhia – Founder and CEO of Flock, along with Radix and Zeta), having co-founded BigRock, Logicboxes and Resellerclub.

Having begun in the industry in the late 90s, Bhavin has pretty much seen it all in the startup ecosystem and has taken numerous products from conception to Product-Market-Fit. From fintech to SaaS, Bhavin has numerous insights and lessons to provide for founders when it comes to keeping a steady hand when aiming for PMF.

In the upcoming Huddle with Ashish Sinha (Founder & CEO, NextBigWhat), Bhavin will share it all – his perspective on product-market-fit, entrepreneurship, scaling for the long term, working with remote teams and much much more.

5 PM. April 2nd.

Thursday (April 2nd) | 5 PM | At a screen near you (i.e. online/live video).

You can also catch the AMA live on Youtube & Facebook!

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