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Free Audiobook summary of the book Creative Selection by Ken Kocienda.

Inside Appleā€™s Design Process During the Golden Age of Steve Jobs.

The author, Ken Kocienda is a software engineer who, among other things, worked on the original iPhone.

The author writes about the process behind software creation at Apple and how he thinks that process was a significant driver in how Apple came up with its world-class products.

Creative Selection

The Essential Elements Of The Apple Development

Approach: Part 1

Inspiration: Thinking big ideas and imagining what is possible

Collaboration: Effective collaboration with others.

Craft: Using skill to produce high-quality results and always striving to improve.

Diligence: Doing the necessary grunt work while never taking shortcuts.

The Essential Elements Of The Apple Development

Approach: Part 2

Decisiveness: Making difficult decisions and refusing to delay or procrastinate.

Taste: The development of a refined sense of judgement and the discovery of the balance that results in a pleasing and integrated whole.

Empathy: The ability to see the world through the eyes of others and to create work that fits into their lives and adapts to their needs.

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