DoorDash will require all employees to deliver goods; Many employees aren’t happy. How will you solve this?

  • All DoorDash Inc. employees, from software engineers up to the chief executive, will have to perform deliveries or maybe shadow a customer-service agent once a month starting next year – and some of them aren’t happy about it.
  • On Blind, an app that lets employees post anonymously, a thread about the delivery requirement has about 1,500 comments. The post, which is titled “DoorDash making engineers deliver food,” includes profanity and statements such as “I didn’t sign up for this, there was nothing in the offer letter/job description about this.”

As a founder, you’d love to have your team go through the last-mile to understand how the system (including engg, sales, marketing, design etc) impacts customer experience, but the bigger question is if employees aren’t bought into the idea, how would you bring this empathy at scale? How’d you get your engineer to talk to customers?


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