Embrace the Space – Colin Kelly Book Summary

Embrace the Space – Colin Kelly | Free Book Summary

Embrace the Space – Colin Kelly

Embrace the Space is a book co-authored by Colin Kelly and Keith Atherton which provides an in-depth look at how to succeed at delivering social media-based campaigns for business. 

It is written for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to make the most of their social media efforts. The book provides a comprehensive guide to the world of social media, covering everything from strategy, content creation, and analytics to measurement, optimization, and collaboration. 

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It also features interviews with a variety of experts and case studies of successful companies. The book offers practical advice and insight on how to develop successful campaigns and maximize the impact of your social media presence.

The social platforms explained

There are many different social platforms, attracting different audiences, with different expectations. Respect these differences. Prioritize which platforms will help you achieve your objectives, learn how to use them best, and understand what your customers actually want from you on them.

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The dreaded social media algorithms

Thanks to the social media algorithms, organic reach is getting less and less. The average for Facebook business pages is now just 6%. Posting more engaging content (like video), starting discussions, and minimizing external links, will all help turn things around.

Beat the algorithms

Engagement – the most important consideration when it comes to achieving impact on social media and fighting back against the algorithms. More engagement = more reach. Other strategies include more video content, using groups, posting stories and of course, paying them!

Creating great content: Creating engaging content which people ‘SEE’ will help you stand out in crowded news feeds. Content which Surprises, Educates or Entertains your audience, brought to life with strong images or videos, will help your business achieve more.

Going Live

These days, every business is a broadcaster. Whether it’s direct from your phone, or a big production with multiple cameras and graphics, it’s time to explore live streaming and webinars. Facebook Live with OBS Studio is a good place to start. It needn’t be expensive.

Paid social media: Paid advertising shouldn’t be something you grudgingly resort to in order to reach a bigger audience.

It should be a key part of your social strategy. Don’t make the mistake of chasing big numbers and looking like a spammer. Focus on niche content for niche audiences.

Social customer service

It’s easy to leave a lasting impression with people on social media. Follow the 3 B’s of customer service:

  • Be nice.
  • Be great
  • Be remembered

Exceed customer expectations with meaningful, personal, helpful responses and you’ll be remembered for all the right reasons.

Ratings, reviews and recommendations

Online ratings and reviews are key to building a trusted first impression in today’s digital space, so encourage them at every opportunity. Potential customers believe what others say about you, more than what you say yourself. The people become your marketing – use them!

When it comes to finding social media influencers, don’t play the numbers game. Think quality first and aim for long standing relationships with ‘creators’ or ‘ambassadors’ with a hard won, relevant audience rather than wannabe celebrities promising a short cut.

Tone of voice and other risks

Authenticity reigns supreme on social media. Humanise your brand with a consistent tone of voice and a personality that your audience can relate to. Ensure everyone across your organisation understands how you talk to people, and the brand values you want to convey.

Things said on social media can have very serious real-life consequences. One misguided tweet or snapchat post from you or your staff could lead to legal trouble, reputational damage, or financial penalties. Help protect against the risks with a Social Media Policy.

Cyber security

Protect your business from the risks of cyber attack by educating yourself, and your staff. Ensure best practice password management, understand how to improve security settings in systems you use, and always be aware that you are a target for some anti-social behaviour.

Learning from the data: Without data, there is just assumption. Don’t assume you know what happens on your website or social media. Prove it! Work out what you want to know, and how to measure it.

For some, data might not be a sexy topic, but understanding it is vital to your business success.

Social media in the mainstream media

Traditional media is full of stories about how businesses are using digital platforms and many journalists are active on Twitter. Seemingly mundane business material can earn a new lease of life if it is repurposed for social media and shared publicly.

Despite the huge growth of social media, you absolutely still need a business website. A place YOU control and can make your own, which Google will rank highly (especially if you start blogging) helping link to your social channels, and encouraging email sign-ups.

Viral videos

Don’t set out to create a ‘viral’ video. Regular, simple videos of you, at work, sharing what you know to be authentic and true, will engage the right people and deliver value to your business, sometimes in ways you might not expect. And if it goes viral – result!

Dinosaur or Dodo?

There’s really no excuse for ignoring the impact of social media on today’s modern business world. The whole ‘I’m a dinosaur’ doesn’t cut it any more. Not embracing social media is a choice, and if that’s you, then you’re not a dinosaur, you’re a dodo. Good luck.

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