Flipkart Video Strategy: Is Flipkart drinking its own kool aid?

Flipkart has announced its streaming service, Flipkart Videos which will bring free curated video content to Flipkart Plus customers.

The streaming service, as the company states will be available only to Flipkart Plus customers and can be used against ‘Super Coins’ (you earn these coins based on your spending on Flipkart and you’d need 300 coins to subscribe to the video streaming service).

Flipkart Streaming: Should it drive more sales for Flipkart..or stickiness? 

Unless Flipkart has some really exclusive content (Sacred Games 3?), do you think the strategy  makes sense? That is, based on whether you have bought things from Flipkart – you will be able to get access to the streaming service.

Flipkart is looking at Videos as an aspirational service – more will start buying from FK, to get access to video content.

Which, to me, seems like an unreal plan (unless Flipkart Video partners with Disney, which is breaking away from Netflix).

An Anti-prime strategy?

Amazon gives away Prime video free with Prime subscription. That is, you buy the subscription and you get free videos plus free / faster delivery.

Since you get faster deliveries, you order more from Amazon. And that’s a loop.

It is a well known fact that Amazon Prime customers buy a lot more from Amazon than normal customers –  Prime, in short is an enabler, a hook but definitely not a gatekeeper.

Why a subscription model like Amazon Prime? #PrimeDay

Flipkart, it seems is taking a reverse route – that is, if you are buying from Flipkart – you get Flipkart Videos as a complimentary service, making it exclusive only to those who purchase from Flipkart.

And if you are not a regular Flipkart customer – you won’t be lured into buying from Flipkart – even if Flipkart has some really differentiating content on the video service, which in today’s date and time is extremely difficult.

Since you can’t use the service RIGHT NOW (you aren’t an active customer  – so no way you’ll have points to redeem against the video service), you won’t really miss it and even need it (basic rules of attention economy).

I hope this is a hurry-and-launch-before-independence-day GTM plan (i.e. slow rollout of the service to selected audience) and not THE GTM plan.

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