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Why You Should Care About Making Better Decisions

Luck and the quality of your decisions determine how your life turns out. You can’t change your luck, but you can improve the quality of your decisions. You increase your chances of good things happening to you by improving the quality of your decisions.

Because the future is inherently uncertain, sound decisions cannot guarantee results. They simply increase the likelihood of favourable outcomes.

Assessing the Quality of Past Decisions: Outcome Bias

People generally find it difficult to distinguish between a good quality decision and a successful decision. Instead of evaluating the decision-making process, they tend to focus solely on the outcome of the decision.

This is referred to as outcome bias by psychologists.Free book, podcast summaries

A Decision is Evaluated By Results

The idea that the outcome of a decision tells you something about the decision’s quality is extremely powerful (but wrong). Even if you give someone the same exact facts describing a decision, their opinion on whether the decision is good or bad will usually change depending on how the decision turns out.

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