Announcing the next AMA – with Jason Fried, Basecamp Founder and CEO !

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The core philosophy behind NextBigWhat community is to enable you to build, grow (and repeat) – meaningfully and sustainably.

Our weekly AMA sessions deliver a lot more insights, perspectives and actionable wisdom from some of the best global product leaders.

We are extremely happy to announce the next AMA – with none other than Jason Fried, founder and CEO of Basecamp.

Jason Fried: AMA @NextBigWhat
Jason Fried: AMA @NextBigWhat

Jason defies all conventional wisdom and has followed a very different philosophy when it comes to growing meaningfully – it is something we at NextBigWhat totally relate to and fully in awe with!

So boys and girls, here is a great opportunity to learn/engage with Jason.

Ask Jason anything on bootstrapping, growing a SAAS business, building great products (and still having a work-life balance).


  • Date: Sep 11
  • Time: 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm IST (6-7 AM PST)
  • Where? The NextBigWhat community thread
  • Format? Go ahead and ask your questions. Jason will answer them at the said time.

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