Living Beyond “What If?” – Shirley Davis Book Summary

Living Beyond “What If?” – Shirley Davis | Free Book Summary

Living Beyond “What If?” – Shirley Davis

This book is a comprehensive how-to guide for achieving your goals. It provides a step-by-step plan for conquering your anxieties and succeeding.

Visualize Your Dreams

The power of the human mind is amazing. It remains active and unrestrained in children and follows us throughout our lives. Even though we use it in less obvious ways as we get older, envisioning a new future is one of the most important first steps in making any significant life change.

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However, reality and imagination are not the same thing. Reality, however, is a different matter. It’s difficult to think that we can imagine our future and make it come true.

Taking the chance

Taking a risk can result in significant rewards. Being able to choose which risk to take is real expertise.

An exit strategy for a career could entail talking to a mentor or supervisor, looking into other jobs that are a better fit, and figuring out what skills you need.Free book, podcast summaries

Find creative methods to think about your goals to overcome procrastination

Why do so many of us fall short of achieving our goals? The problem is frequently rooted in procrastination. In other words, we often put off doing things we know we should do, such as taking out the trash or visiting the doctor.

Time inconsistency is the tendency for people to favour the present over the future, and it is a factor in our procrastination.


There are many other factors at play when people give up on their goals. We have a tendency to worry excessively about negative scenarios like “What if I’m not good enough?”

If you have this viewpoint, you might feel worthless, helpless, and without hope.

Assess your success in terms of your own goals, not other people’s goals. Remember that failure is a necessary part of success as well.

Face your worries head-on

As humans, we’ve all felt terror at some point in our lives. However, did you know that a large portion of your fear is learned behaviour? Actually, only two phobias are present in humans at birth: the fear of falling and the dread of loud noises. Everything else is either learnable or attainable.

Sometimes, feeling afraid is justified. It’s sometimes just a figment of the mind, but sometimes it’s not. Living in fear prevents you from achieving your goals, that much is true.

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