Ola’s Founder Calls It ‘Desperation By Uber’ In Alleged Ola-Uber Deal

Bhavish Agarwal, the founder of Ola Cabs, has taken to twitter to state that Friday’s reports of alleged ola-uber deal as mentioned in DNA, was incorrect and an attempt by Uber to malign their image.

“We’re here for the long run, committed to building mobility for billion Indians. Planted malicious stories are a sign of others desperation!,” Bhavish said in his tweet.

On Friday, DNA had reported that Ola cabs were in talks with Uber to sell its stake in the company.

However, Ola later denied any intent of business with their rival Uber in India and initiated a legal action against DNA for reporting a false story.

“We have seen Uber in India reacting to Ola’s growth with moves not seen elsewhere globally – be it front page advertising, dramatic fare cuts and rapid and knee-jerk changes in categories – so one can only surmise that they are worried about their market share declining. We are clearly on the winning horse with Ola and have no doubts about its future, ” said Avnish Bajaj, MD of Nexus Partners, Key investor in Ola Cabs.

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