Origin Story – David Christian Book Summary

Origin Story – David Christian | Free Book Summary

Origin Story – David Christian

Let’s go right at the start of everything.

The Formation Of Everything From The Unthinkable

To start with, we had energy only, which was immediately divided into various forces like electromagnetism and gravity. In a split second, the simple matter appeared, and after it was complicated formations, while neutrons and protons – very tiny particles – combine to form nuclei. Anything occurred within minutes; however, with the cooling of this universe, everything was impeded further.  

The Emergence of Stars

Stars just came into existence 100000000 years following the huge explosion, at the time matter and gravity offered the goldilocks circumstances for any star to create.

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After a big star disappears, gravity crushes a star’s essence with great strength, and a star shatters with immense energy.

The Solar System

This world was created by the buildup of debris-roughly 4,500,000,000 years ago.

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We are owed to the Sun for three things: energy, light, and heat.

The creation of the globe has been a chaotic outcome of star formation, which happens in parts of space full of plumes of chemical substances.


Near to the rays, where the creation of rocky planets such as Mars, Venus, and Earth took place, was a part filled with chemical substances such as iron, oxygen, and aluminium.

The Bedrock of Life

  • Mild temperatures are important to existence, and the world possesses in-built systems that sustain them.
  • Decreased carbon signifies less CO2 and this signifies colder temperatures.
  • During the cold period, less rain pours, this signifies that the kept carbon is less. CO2 degrees accumulate and things become warmer.
  • And when it gets really hot, more rain happens and everything cools back down.


Photosynthesis has been a powerful blessing for the initial, one-celled existence that helped trigger a biological innovation.

The progressive revolution of photosynthesis indicated the initial energy success in life history.

Unexpectedly, the energy was nearly infinite, and prokaryotes could multiply and spread. – 3000000000 years ago, oxygen levels in the atmosphere increased intensely, and the quantity of life in the oceans rose to nearly 10% of present levels.

Early Life On Earth

Development and the annihilation of dinosaurs assisted the large structures of existence to grow that would ultimately produce mankind

Fungi, plants, and animals evolved and moved to land from the oceans.

The appearance of existence on land caused expansion.


According to the criteria of our universe, we are really young.

In only the past 6000000 years, we people have made our own means, growing independently from primates.

The Power Of Language

The language ability allowed the difficulty and accuracy of the shared info that showed to become revolutionary since it allowed training together – the buildup and transferring of one person’s knowledge to another person and from one generation to another.


The practice of agriculture developed in reaction to population densities.

Initially, humans were hesitant cultivators.

As village societies turned out to be the standard lifestyle, communities had to make novel principles and conduct, and humans started working further as one.

With the development of agriculture, it produced surpluses that allowed the growth of more difficult agrarian communities

Surplus food from farming signified that they had an excess of humans in time at hand since not everybody had to labour the ground.

Individuals do not have to use their entire time for agriculture, they have time to produce and trade pots, for instance.

The Last Seventy Years

Since World War II, we’ve seen the extreme rise of financial advancement in history, caused largely by technological advancements and fossil fuels

Economic advancement signifies that the experience of people is currently totally different from the ones our ancestors had.

One disadvantage to economic growth is huge inequality, proven most strongly by the fact that presently; 45000000 individuals are enslaved.

Biodiversity is falling forever, with figures of extermination presently 100s of times quicker than that of the past millions of years.

The Future Of Earth

The following days are for us to create.

In the long term, the World would be sterile and ultimately the Sun would consume it.

We are getting close to the biodiversity boundary, and we are getting nearer to the boundaries for climate change.


Attaining a world that could survive is an aim worth targeting. It would mean that human communities could exist for thousands of centuries.

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