Robin Sharma – Suffering Is Nature’s Way of Making You Special (The Daily Mastery Podcast) Podcast Summary

Suffering Is Nature’s Way of Making You Special | Free Podcast Summary

Robin Sharma – Suffering Is Nature’s Way of Making You Special (The Daily Mastery Podcast)

“The greatest bleed the longest” means that the most significant challenges in life often require the most prolonged and intense effort to overcome. This is because it is during the toughest times that we have the opportunity to shed the negative or unhelpful aspects of ourselves, like dross covering gold.

The world challenges us because it cares for us deeply and wants us to grow stronger.

Embrace the pain

By embracing pain and allowing it to transform us, we can purify ourselves and become stronger.

If you would like more information and tools to help you stay focused on your goals during challenging times, as well as science-based insights and daily practices to enhance your happiness, productivity, and tranquility, please let me know.

Suffering has a bad rap

As you release your ego and your wounding, your insecurities, and your fears, and as you grow in wisdom, confidence, authenticity, excellence, bravery, and servanthood to as many people as possible, obviously the quality of your productivity will get better.

And so Rumi said it really well. He said, “Keep breaking your heart over and over until it opens.” Using your hurts and your suffering to improve your art is a very powerful thing. Suffering has a bad rap. Our society says, “Run away from your suffering.” That’s not true.

Embrace your suffering

“A bad day for the ego is a great day for the soul.” So your ego is suffering. And the more honest your work is, the more honest your art is, the better it’s going to be. The more vulnerable you can be when you’re working on a creative project, the more it’s going to resonate.

When you share your flaws and your scars and your wounds in the creative project, that’s when you can really connect. And when you’re in a season of suffering, that’s actually when you can do some amazingly beautiful work that you push out into the world, and you can help a lot of people.

That which is most personal is most creative.

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