The 1-Page Marketing Plan – Allan Dib Book Summary

The 1-Page Marketing Plan – Allan Dib | Free Book Summary

The 1-Page Marketing Plan – Allan Dib

Creating Your One-Page Plan

The Nine Squares Of Your Marketing Grid

  • My Target Market
  • Message to my Target Market
  • The Media I will use to Reach my Target Market
  • My Lead Capture System
  • My Lead Nurture System
  • My Sales Conversion System
  • How I Deliver a World-Class Experience
  • How I Increase the Customer Lifetime
  • How I Orchestrate and Simulate Referrals

Keeping it short

A Marketing plan doesn’t need to be 20 pages long to grasp the main points of your business

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Many new business owners underestimate the importance of having a marketing system.

This system needs to:Free book, podcast summaries

  • Generate Leads.
  • Nurture leads to get you more sales.
  • Making your customers into repeat customers who automatically refer you to others

The Target Market


  • Define a specific group of people among whom 99% of them are facing a problem that you can solve. This is your target market.
  • Generic Targeting: Starting a fitness program for people who want to get in shape.
  • Niched Target Marketing: Starting a post-partum fitness program for mothers who want to get back in shape.

Message To My Target Market

  • Determine your target market’s pain points.
  • Find out the underlying fear that is a result of their needing their pain soothed. Once you figure that out, you can easily soothe their pain.
  • Find out the common enemy that causes their initial pain.

The Media I Will Use To Reach My Target Market

Develop more than one channel to use to reach out to your target market. Once you’ve laid out your media channels, stay consistent with them

My Lead Capture System

Create calls-to-action to engage your prospects.

Use current trends to be relatable and relevant.

My Lead Nurture System 


Prospects don’t line up for your business overnight.

It takes 12 interactions to turn a prospect into a raving fan customer.

Most salespeople give up on their prospects after the 3rd interaction.

Send shock and awe packages by mail to your nurtured leads.

Develop a sphere of influence.

My Sales Conversion System

  • Let your prospects test out your products or services before fully investing in you.
  • Address the Risk Reversal: What you would do for them if anything went wrong while you were providing your product or service.
  • Curate an unlimited offer.

How I Deliver A World Class Experience

Your product or service doesn’t serve its purpose until you’re done selling it to them and have received your compensation, which causes the prospect to feel lost about what to do with your product or service afterward.

Make your prospects feel encouraged even after you’ve sold them.

Imagine who your ultimate customer would be to buy your business when you’re ready to exit in the future.

How I increase The Customer Lifetime

  • Slowly and reasonably, raise your prices to match inflation over time.
  • Bundle in high margin add-ons.
  • Avoid poisoning your business with satisfying customers that are never satisfied.
  • Use genuine complaints to grow your business.

How I Orchestrate And Simulate Referrals

Be specific and direct about who you offer your products and services to.

Generic Referral Method: If you know someone who needs a plumber, tell them to call me.

Orchestrating Leads: If you know anyone who struggles with a leaky faucet, please have them reach out via email.

Boost the ego of the customer by acknowledging how they benefit you before you make referral requests.

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