The 10 Customer Success Metrics That Actually Matter

Companies are now moving away from being totally focused only on numbers like the total number of tickets closed in customer support. Many of these metrics have made way for a new holistic way of looking at customer ‘success’. One that is more obsessed with maintaining and strengthening relationships with customers rather than activity-based metrics.

And while it may appear as though this new school of customer success may be too ambiguous for clear metrics, this article by Clint Fontanella on Hubspot shows that there are options aplenty to know if your customers are happy.

The Customer Success Metrics are:

  1. Customer Health Score
  2. Net Promoter Score
  3. Qualitative Customer Feedback
  4. Customer Churn Rate
  5. Monthly Recurring Revenue
  6. Customer Lifetime Value
  7. Customer Retention Cost
  8. First Contact Resolution Rate
  9. Customer Satisfaction Score
  10. Renewal Rate

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