The 5 AM Club – Robin Sharma Book Summary

The 5 AM Club – Robin Sharma | Free Book Summary

The 5 AM Club – Robin Sharma

Take excellent care of the front end of your day, and the rest of your day will pretty much take care of itself. Own your morning

Elite producers and everyday heroes understand that what you do each day matters far more than what you do once in a while.

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The Five Scientific Truths Behind Excellent Habits

  • World-class willpower isn’t an inherent strength; it is a skill developed through relentless practice.
  • Personal discipline is a muscle. The more you stretch it, the stronger it gets.
  • Like other muscles, willpower weakens when tired. Therefore, recovery is necessary for the expression of mastery and to manage decision fatigue.
  • Installing any virtuous habits follows a distinct four-part pattern for automation of the routine.
  • Increasing self-control in one area of your life should elevate self-control in all areas of your life.

The Three Values of Heroic Habit Makers

Victory demands consistency and persistence. Anyone can be great for just one day. But to be great consistently is what it takes to become heroic.

Completing what is started determines the amount of personal respect that will be generated.Free book, podcast summaries

The way you practice in private is precisely how you will perform once you are in public.

The Habit Installation Protocol

It takes 66 days to get to the automation point of a new habit. The time can be divided into 3 parts (22 days each)- 

  • Destruction Phase: Here your old habit gets destroyed. It is the hardest part. You need most of your willpower in this phase.
  • Installation Phase: In this phase, the installation of a new habit takes place. Here you should remember why you are going to build this habit.
  • Integration Phase: Here the habit gets integrated with your daily life 

After 66 days the habit will be automated.

All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end

20/20/20 Formula


By using this formula, you will get most of your victory hour (5–6 am). It is divided into three 20-minute pockets.

Move: The first 20 minutes are for intense exercise. It will increase your metabolism rate, your brain will be optimized, and you will be able to better focus on work.

Reflect: This is where you plan your day or meditate for clarity. You may also pray or journal.

Grow: This pocket is for gaining knowledge. You can read books, listen to podcasts, audiobooks, etc.

To have the results The Top 5% of producers have, you must start doing what 95% of people are unwilling to do

The 10 Tactics of Lifelong Genius

  1. The Tight Bubble of Total Focus: preserves your focus as well as your primal brilliance by giving you long stretches of time free from trivial fascinations and any influences that dissolve your inspiration.
  2. The 90/90/1 Rule: For 90 days spend 90 minutes of a workday on a single task.
  3. The 60/10 method: 60 minutes work – 10-minute break.
  4. The Five Daily Concepts: During the second pocket of your Victory Hour, list the five tiny targets you wish to accomplish over the day ahead for you to feel it was one well-spent.
  5. The Second-Wind Workout: schedule a second workout at the end of your workday to give you a second wind for a great evening.
  6. The Two Massage Protocols: Lock two ninety-minute massages onto your weekly schedule.
  7. Traffic University: Use the travelling time to learn, expanding your professional prowess and personal knowledge.
  8. The Dream Team Technique: Delegate tasks that not only are a poor use of your hours but also diminish your happiness. Ideally, restructure your entire life so you’re doing only the things you’re great at—and love to do.
  9. The Weekly Design System: Carve out and then ritualize thirty minutes early each Sunday morning to create your “Blueprint for a Beautiful Week.”
  10. The 60-Minute Student: For at least sixty minutes a day, study. Do whatever it takes to fireproof your commitment to relentless growth.

One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today.

The Billionaire’s Maxim

  • To Create Magic in the World, Own the Magic within Yourself.
  • Collect Miraculous Experiences over Material Things.
  • Failure Inflates Fearlessness.
  • Proper Use of Your Primal Power Creates Your Personal Utopia.
  • Avoid Bad People.
  • Money Is the Fruit of Generosity, Not Scarcity.
  • Optimal Health Maximizes Your Power to Produce Magic.
  • Continue Raising Your Life Standards Toward Absolute World-Class.
  • Deep Love Yields Unconquerable Joy.
  • Heaven on Earth Is a State, Not a Place.
  • Tomorrow Is a Bonus, Not a Right.

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