The Courage to Be Disliked – Ichiro Kishimi Book Summary

The Courage to Be Disliked – Ichiro Kishimi | Free Book Summary

The Courage to Be Disliked – Ichiro Kishimi

Accept yourself now, and regardless of the outcome, have the courage to step forward.

Deny The Desire For Recognition

Wishing so hard to be recognized will lead to a life of following expectations held by other people who want you to be “this kind of person.” You throw away who you really are and live other people’s lives. Therefore, you should deny your desire for recognition. You’re not living to satisfy other people’s expectations, and other people aren’t living to meet your expectations.

Discard Other People’s Tasks

We need to think from the perspective of “whose task is this?” and separate our own tasks from other people’s tasks. This is called the separation of tasks. You should not worry about or intrude on other people’s tasks.

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A person may not think well of you, but that’s not your task.


All you can do with regard to your own life is to choose the best path that you believe in. How do people judge that? That’s the task of other people, and it’s not a matter you can do anything about.Free book, podcast summaries

You Hold The Cards Of Your Interpersonal Relationships

Many people believe that the other person is playing relationship cards. That’s why they wonder, “How does that person feel about me?” And end up living in a way that satisfies the wishes of other people. If you’re tied to the desire for recognition, all the cards will stay in the hands of other people. If you can grasp the separation of tasks, you will notice that you hold all the cards.

You are part of something HUGE

Don’t limit yourself to one community. If you regard schools as everything, you will find yourself without a sense of belonging to anything. There is a larger world that extends far beyond any community. And every one of us is a member of that world. Living in fear of one’s relationships falling apart is an unfree way to live. 


Do not cling to the small community right in front of you. There will always be more and bigger communities.

Self-Centered People Always End Up Losing Their Comrades

The goal of interpersonal relationships is a feeling of community. This sense of others as comrades. To get that feeling, you should make the switch from self-interest to concern for others.


You can get a sense of community by making an active commitment to the community. Take steps forward and don’t avoid the tasks of work, friendship, and love relationships. Don’t think in terms of “What will this person give me?” But rather, “What can I give to this person?”

Self acceptance

The goal is to accept yourself 60 percent, and think, “How should I go about getting closer to 100 percent?” You cannot change what you’re born with, but what you do with this equipment is your own power. Focus on what you can change.

Confidence in others

When you switch from attachment to yourself to concern for others, confidence in others becomes absolutely essential. If you don’t have objective grounds for trusting someone, you should believe without concerning yourself with things such as security. Unconditional confidence is the foundation of any deep relationship.

Contribution to others

The most easily understood contribution to others is work. It is through labour that one makes a contribution to others and commits to one’s community. One can feel “I am of use to someone,” and come to accept one’s existential worth. This helps in self-acceptance again, and you can see that it is a circular loop

Don’t think of life as a Line. Life is a series of dots

You should think of life as a series of dots. A series of moments is called “now.” We live only in the here and now. Live life as if you are dancing.

Some people ended up in entirely different places. But none of these lives came to an end “en route.” It is enough if you find fulfillment in the here and now, which is dancing.

Dancing itself is the goal; you shouldn’t be concerned with arriving somewhere by doing it. You can arrive somewhere as a result of dancing, but there is no particular destination. The goal of mountain climbing is to climb, not get to the top.

Live in the here and now

Life is a series of moments, and neither the past nor the future exists. Live in the here and now. Don’t concern yourself with the past or the future.

Whether they are trying to be especially good or especially bad, the goal is the same: to attract the attention of other people. Get out the “normal” condition and become a “special being.” 

Why is it necessary to be special? Probably because one cannot accept one’s normal self.

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