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Free Audiobook summary of the book The Language Instinct by Steven Pinker

We are all born with the innate capability to understand languages, and it is not a man-made invention. AtomicIdeas Newsletter

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A Natural At Learning Languages

● Humans have an innate language instinct that allows them to approach communication on a completely different level.

● Language is the biological adaptation that allows us to communicate.

● Anthropological studies have been conducted on tribes that had no contact with the outside world until the 1920s. Language was learned naturally among those tribes, with no formal instruction.

Early Instinct

Children can learn languages as early as 18 months old, but they can only learn by observing adults who do it correctly, so they have no way of actively telling what’s right from wrong – they aren’t studying languages, they just absorb them.Free book, podcast summaries

Nonetheless, they follow the right rules at the right time. Even deaf children who learn sign language from their parents use proper grammar.

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