The Score Takes Care Of Itself – Bill Walsh Book Summary

The Score Takes Care Of Itself – Bill Walsh | Free Book Summary

The Score Takes Care Of Itself – Bill Walsh

This priceless book offers a wealth of leadership and business success tips. The leadership memoir by football legend Bill Walsh is a great resource for managers, leaders, and players!

There is no success guarantee or ultimate formula

A determined and resourceful leader recognizes that there are numerous ways to increase the likelihood of success. That is what it all boils down to: intelligently and relentlessly seeking solutions that will increase your chances of success in a competitive environment. The score will take care of itself if you do this.

Survival Is Critical

Pursuing your ambitions, especially those of any magnitude, can be arduous and dangerous, with agonizing failure along the way, but achieving those goals is one of life’s most gratifying and thrilling experiences. The ability to survive and overcome the former in order to achieve the latter distinguishes winners from losers.

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  • A leader must never quit, but must also know when to quit.
  • Persisting for the sake of proving yourself right or proving someone else wrong is a bad reason.
  • When things get tough, the purest and most productive reasons for pushing forward are sound logic, sound principles, and strong belief.
  • No one can predict the outcome of a competition or contest, but you can control how you prepare for it. 

The action and the attitude of a leader

An organization is more than a tool like a shovel; it is an organic entity with a code of conduct, a set of applied principles that go beyond a tacked-on-the-wall and forgotten company mission statement.

Great teams have a conscience. 

In its ideal state, a group—your team—speaks principles and a way of operating that come from a source, and that source is you, the leader.  Free book, podcast summaries

A Leader’s Inner Voice

  • If we work hard and smart enough, we can succeed.
  • If we prioritize the interests of the group over our own individual interests, we can prevail.
  • If we get better, we can win, and we can always get better.

Planning, creativity, and common sense

  • Whichever route you take to reach success, it doesn’t matter.
  • Be brave and let go of your fear of the unknown, or of change. 
  • Do not cling to the past; rather, respect it.
  • Innovation shouldn’t be fueled by desperation.
  • Find the positives in the negatives with obsession.

A victory or defeat is irrelevant

  • Never confuse activity with action.
  • It doesn’t matter if you win or lose; what matters is how.
  • Instead of focusing on the outcome, pay attention to the process and not the reward. 
  • Show that you have the four most important survival skills a leader can have: knowledge, composure, patience, and common sense.

Your Expectations of Performance

Keep your personal performance standard in full effect, along with your level of professional ethics.

Avoid being by yourself. Remember that as problems multiply, the importance of your relationships with the staff increases. They are essential to keeping the staff cohesive.

Taking Up The Challenge

  • Continue to be detail-oriented and don’t let the size of the challenge distract you from the small but necessary changes.
  • Never, ever express doubt, but also abstain from unfounded sunny optimism during difficult times.
  • Do not beg workers to “do better.”
  • Avert constant reprimanding or threatening.

Mistakes And Defeat

Admit your mistakes, then take steps to correct them. Don’t let pride, stubbornness, or potential embarrassment over your poor choice keep you from making amends. Fix it before the minor issue grows into a major one.

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