This founder struggled to raise money..he now has a playbook.

I used to STRUGGLE to raise money. But in the last year, I’ve: • Raised $700,000 • Turned down $1.1MM • Helped other founders raise $20MM Here’s what I changed 🧵
Part of how you convince people is through your story. The other part is SIGNALING It’s the subtle things you do over email & during meetings that make you seem more in demand. Yes, you need a good story. But story + great signaling can get you fully funded in 30 days.
These tactics seem simple — but again, they work on EVERYONE. We did this to get term sheets from some of the most notable funds and angels in the world Sure, you’re “faking it till you make it” But there’ll be a tipping point where perceived demand turns into real demand
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TL;DR 1/ How to get meetings via intros 2/ Scheduling 40 mtgs in 1 week 3/ Drive FOMO in every email 4/ Flip the script in meetings 5/ Broadcast every success 6/ Don’t be accomodating

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