Willpower Doesn’t Work – Benjamin Hardy Book Summary

Willpower Doesn’t Work – Benjamin Hardy | Free Book Summary

Willpower Doesn’t Work – Benjamin Hardy

Lifehacks to attain success

If you want a different life, you must be a different person.

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The Premise

Getting enough self-discipline to get stuff done is tough. What if there was a way you could become ultra-productive and reach your dreams without having to just push through in misery?

Here is how:Free book, podcast summaries

Intentionally design your environment for success instead of worrying about willpower.

Optimize separate spaces for work and play for maximum productivity and fulfilment.

Quickly and firmly get rid of anything and everything that makes reaching your goals harder and requires willpower to resist.

Intentionally Design Your Environment

If we can intentionally design our environment, we’ll make improving ourselves easy.

The two types of evolution are:

Natural Evolution, which is where organisms evolve based on their situations. 

Domesticated evolution involves controlling the environment of an organism to make it evolve as you want it to. 

Most often, we just let ourselves evolve naturally, succumbing to the negative effects of a world that tries to make us fat, depressed, and in debt. 

But when we intentionally design our environment, everything changes.

Designate Specific, Separate Places For Work and Play


“Work hard, play hard” is a good mantra to live by, but it needs some adjusting for this day and age. We need to add the idea that we must do each in a different place if we want to be the most efficient.

When you intentionally designate one space for work and one for play, you optimize your body’s ability to work hard and recover. Set aside a room as your office, where you only work, and another for relaxation, where you only spend time relaxing.

Eliminate Stuff That Requires Willpower To Resist

When designing your environment for success, incorporate this no-nonsense attitude into your efforts.

Start by clearing your phone of distractions. Get rid of the time-wasting apps that are your go-tos when you’re tired or bored from working.

If you’re trying to eat healthier and lose weight, go to your closet and throw away all sugary foods immediately.

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