Being Curious, Innerwears and Being Judgemental: In Conversation with Kunal Shah

Note that this conversation was recorded in late 2019 when Indian app ecosystem was mostly dominated by Chinese apps like TikTok etc.

Excerpts from the conversation with Kunal Shah.


And I get such interesting information from them that I knowing sitting in this country don’t know about it. Right. But for them (Chinese product managers who were solving for India), it is, they have no choice, but to look at data. And therefore they are probably doing better at it. Right. And I think we tend to have very judgmental views about things like, Oh, tick tock, but guys look at the DAU, right?

So why do you want to put a judgmental lens on product that people want? And I think that’s where we make a mistake that we are, we are, there’s an interesting thing. That one guy told me in my family function. Somebody told me that the best business in India to do is have of innerwear and, I said, why.

Answer: there’s so much of shame associated with these two categories that you’ll always make money in these two categories.

And, and that is very powerful. Like, we need to understand what will this country do not do? Why do we do certain things? Right. And, we, we tend to just get, like, for example, if I asked anybody. I actually, if I asked you that amount of money, your dad spent on you for your education and how much you will spend for your kids, is that a 20 X or 30 X it’s a market data is a two for most people.


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