How Loom grew from 0-500K users

How Loom grew from 0-500K users, and beyond: [Part 1 of 2]
First, some context: – Loom was founded in 2015 by @yoyo_thomas, @vhmth, and myself – Fascinated by video in the workplace and wanted to build use cases against it. – We built a user testing marketplace (failed) → pivoted to SaaS (failed) → Loom ($325M valuation 5/’20)
Onboarding checklist [cont.] What did we learn? People love completing checklists. We experimented *a lot* with this checklist: – Order we displayed our checklist items – Added a “% complete” in the navigation – Collapsable widget on your video page with remaining items – etc
Next week, I’ll talk about how Loom grew from 100k-500K users. I’ll dive into how we began to scale, our referral program, use cases, and how we built 1:1 relationships with our early champions. Be sure to follow me to not miss out on the next tweet 🙂

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