Lenny Rachitsky | Lenny’s Podcast – Laura Modi: How to build a cult-like brand Podcast Summary

How to build a cult-like brand | Laura Modi (Bobbie) | Free Podcast Summary

Lenny Rachitsky | Lenny’s Podcast – Laura Modi: How to build a cult-like brand

Laura Modi is the CEO and co-founder of Bobbie, the first woman-owned, organic infant formula in the U.S. Previously, Laura spent over five years at Airbnb, where she served as Director of Hospitality. Before that, she spent over four years at Google in finance and operations. 

We were not just building a product, we were building a movement.

Building a strong company

  • Sometimes, taking a step back and slowing growth can benefit a company’s long-term success. Building momentum and leading through tough times are important skills for product leaders and growth teams.
  • To create a thriving marketplace, prioritize the needs and experiences of hosts over technology and growth alone. A positive workplace culture should also be emphasized in all aspects of operations.
  • Build a strong company culture by inspiring your team with a compelling vision and connecting with them personally. Use storytelling to make even the smallest features exciting, and take big risks to make major leaps forward.

Building a strong company contd.

  • Research the market, understand the business, and take calculated risks before starting a new business.
  • During a crisis, it’s important for companies to prioritize their current customers’ needs over growth opportunities. This not only earns brand loyalty but also ensures that customers are never left without essential products.
  • Cultivate brand loyalty by investing in emotional connections with customers and prioritizing their needs.
  • Uphold company values and mission to create a strong, successful brand.


  • To build a successful brand, identify the challenges your customers face and tailor your messaging to address those challenges. Avoid comparing your brand to others in a negative light. Use Assembly AI to build AI-powered features into your products.
  • Using branding and storytelling in the workplace can make mundane tasks more motivating for employees. Patience is also necessary when operating in a disruptive industry, as seen in Bobbie’s relabeling experience.

We have this motto at Bobbie: momentum above all else.

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