Announcing the Product Management Course packed with a Powerful Bootcamp Program

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn [Benjamin Franklin]

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are extremely proud to announce the most important addition to NextBigWhat’s Product Management Coursea month-long bootcamp program, in partnership with several early to mid stage startups.

Introducing: The Product Management Bootcamp Program

The Product Management Bootcamp program will focus on defining (and solving) the product/market problem statements for an early stage startup (curated by NextBigWhat) – across different industries and tech.

Unlike any other product management course on this planet which are simply focused on theoretical concepts + stale/namesake projects, we bring you an extremely practical perspective on product-thinking, packed with ‘real-world’ bootcamp.

The bootcamp will give you an actual opportunity to work on a real-life product problem – and importantly, create measurable and *brag-worthy* impact.

During the early-mid stage of a startup life there are a lot of crucial decisions that are made which will impact its future in the long run – choice of product, market, design, GTM, positioning and so on.

As a product management professional – how about you playing a role in all these? Increase the stakes and create meaningful impact?

As part of NextBigWhat’s product management course, aside from being an extremely practical course, you will work (part time / online assignment) on one such product problem definition and apply all you have learnt as part of the program.

Frankly speaking, this is a great opportunity for the ones who aim to become 10X product leaders and believe in doing more than talking.

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During the product management bootcamp program, you will essentially work on:

  • Helping the founding / leadership team define and refine the product concept.
  • Work with engineering / marketing (or relevant) teams to define product features, 3 and 6-month roadmap.
  • Determine key product metrics, their measurement and impact assessment.

Think of it as Google’s APM (Associate Product Management) program, but a lot more industry aligned and practicality oriented (stakes are way too high!).

  • Spread over 10 weeks of online sessions
  • Online sessions (self-paced)
  • Healthy mix of industry-centric assignments and case studies
  • 40+ Hours |  8 Core Modules |  200+ Topics
  • Access to 20+ Leadership Interviews (and growing)
  • Currently offering 30% scholarship (till December 31st, 2019)
  • Option for job interviews with partner companies


We are currently offering more than 30% scholarship to all participants who register before Dec 31st.

Price before Dec 31st: Rs. 50,000 + tax

After Dec 31st: Rs. 75,000 + tax.

All in all, to get ahead of the pack you need to get your hands dirty. And NextBigWhat’s revamped, industry-leading Product Management Course has been designed from the ground up to help you elevate your thought and translate it into action.

Framework thinking, wisdom from Product Leaders and an actual product for you to work on – there is literally no box we don’t tick in getting you set up for a life in Product.

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