Superfans – Pat Flynn Book Summary

Superfans – Pat Flynn | Free Book Summary

Superfans – Pat Flynn

You don’t need to change the entire world to build a successful business; you just need to change someone’s world

How To Be Someone’s Favorite

You have to do things other people aren’t going to do. You have to be more than different, because different got you in the door, but you have to remain thoughtful. It’s the random unexpected acts of kindness, no matter how big or small, that will help you be not only remembered but also talked about and shared.

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Be curious about people. Show that you’re excited to see them and that you care about their needs and interests and details of their lives. They’ll notice and they’ll love it.

Send Unexpected Messages

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Send small, unexpected, personalized messages. You could send an email or a direct message on Twitter or Instagram. But if you really want to bring out someone’s superfan, send a video message. By sending a video you’re making it personal and more likely a person is to

  • open than video
  • receive your message
  • feel the need to respond positively because you’ve done something unusual.

Get Them Involved

Disney implemented this simple strategy: hire your fans. They’re the ones who know your brand, who love what you do, and who will bring a special energy to their role that an outsider may not be able to capture. Whether it’s as a volunteer for a one-time event or a long-term paid role in the leadership of the company,

If you bring someone on, make sure the relationship is fair and balanced. You don’t want to ask too much of them without giving something back in return, so be mindful of their workload and what you’re demanding of them.

Learn The Language Of Your Audience

Search on Facebook or LinkedIn groups, and type in keywords that you believe your target audience may be using to find each other.

Ask people about their biggest challenge related to a specific topic: Post your question on social media or even in your email in the autoresponder series people receive after they subscribe to your list.

Find 10 people and ask them to spend 15 minutes with you talking about a problem in your area of expertise. When talking you can hear not only their words but the emotion that comes along. Use this to connect with your audience authentically.

Breaking The Ice

When speaking with your casual audience, get comfortable sharing things about yourself and your life, perhaps outside the realm of your niche but also more personal, in order to bring attention to the person behind the brand and foster meaningful connections with your audience.

It’s not about B to B or B to C. It’s about the P-to-P (person-to-person) relationship.

Quick Wins : Pack Your Getting Started Page

When you’re helping people to do something, give them a one-stop shop to get started with that thing and then build up with some small quick wins.

For example, let’s say your business involves helping people podcast. You can deliver a number of quick wins from that one page by packing it with resources and information about what gear to purchase, how to find guests for the show, and how to figure out what the first episode will be about.

Finding all this great information will almost be a quick win for your readers, one that will motivate them to continue knowing that there is so much content available.

Use Time Travel To Take People From Casual To Active

There are two aspects to this strategy: Painting a picture of the future of what life will be like if they DO take action with you and what life will be like if they DON’T.

To craft a picture of don’t- start with identifying their problem and help them become more aware of it. But be careful to not prey on their fears. Use it wisely and compassionately.

For the do- Show them examples of transformation. Do this using testimonials It’s one thing to tell people what will happen if they follow you but another to prove that your stuff works by showing people who were just like them not too long ago.

Open The Factory Doors And Stage A Gig

Humans have a fascination for how things work, so opening up your factories to them:

  • Helps them appreciate the quality and care behind the product
  • Makes them feel unique and special
  • Connects your audience with the people behind the brand
  • It gives your audience something to share.
  • It can be as simple as giving people a glimpse of where you work.

Bring Them On Court and Pass The Ball

Every once in a while, highlight some of the amazing things community members are doing.

While doing this, it’s always great to feature a range of different people from the audience. This way, it’s more likely that a person reading, listening, or watching will find someone just like them.

When people see others like them succeeding using ideas you teach, they’re more likely to see themselves and their own potential in a similar light, and they’re going to want to stick around and engage.

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