You Can Change Your Life – Rob Yeung Book Summary

You Can Change Your Life – Rob Yeung | Free Book Summary

You Can Change Your Life – Rob Yeung

This book uses proven research to suggest various steps to implement changes in your life.

People can’t be changed. They have to want to change.

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Outcome Expectancies

Make a list of all the positive outcomes you expect from making a change and the negative outcomes of not making it.

Try to come up with these reasons yourself to make it more effective.Free book, podcast summaries

Implementation Intention

Write down plans and steps to implement your changes and accomplish your goals.

Keep it very detailed by including time, place, and a backup plan in case the initial plan fails.


I will wake up at 5 a.m. and go to the gym to exercise.

(Backup plan) If gym is closed, I will exercise in my room.

Process Imagery

Don’t waste time dreaming about being a changed person.

Instead, use your imagination to visualize how you want to bring about that change in your life. This can boost your performance.

People Power

Spend more time with positive and supportive people who will help you make that change. Try to find a partner who wants to make a similar change, and support and motivate each other.

Try and avoid people who might distract and demotivate you from chasing your goals.

Emotional Resilience

Try to be aware of your emotions at all times and learn to manage them.

Don’t bottle up your emotions and try to suppress them.

Exercise can be helpful to improve mental and emotional health.

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