The Surprising Science of Meetings by Steven G. Rogelberg Audiobook | Free Summary

Free Audiobook summary of the book The Surprising Science of Meetings by Steven G. Rogelberg.

Many managers regard inefficient, unproductive or boring meetings as an unavoidable business flaw. The author challenges this assumption with ideas on how to stop wasting time and energy by facilitating better meetings.

Meetings Are Inevitable Even If We Don’t Like Them

Meetings that are inefficient, unproductive, or boring are seen by many managers as an unavoidable business flaw. Rather than avoiding meetings, use science to solve your problems with them.

Managers must recognise that meetings can be extremely frustrating and evaluate these meetings in order to improve them. To create an appropriate meeting agenda, each aspect of the process can be critically evaluated.

Focus On Improving Meetings

Everyone must gather for team meetings, inter-departmental coordination, and group decision-making. However, everyone must meet effectively. Meetings can be aggravating, particularly when they waste time and energy due to a poor meeting culture.

Bad meetings should never be accepted as the norm in any organisation.

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