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Ryan Holiday, a media strategist, explains how modern people can use some revered Stoic principles to turn obstacles into opportunities. AtomicIdeas Newsletter

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Stoicism: Overcoming Obstacles

People have relied on Stoic philosophy to overcome difficulties throughout history.

Stoicism, also known as the “operating manual for life,” is a pragmatic philosophy that assists people in overcoming adversity.

The Key Takeaways

● Stoicism rests on three fundamental disciplines: “perception, action, and will.”

● Perception is how you see the world. Seeing it realistically or with a bias can either help or hinder you.Free book, podcast summaries

● The right action is always directed, deliberate, bold and persistent.

● The world can break your body, but it can never break your spirit or mind thanks to willpower. You have control over your will.

The Positive Side Of Obstacles

● Obstacles that obstruct progress can actually promote progress.

● People grow by confronting and overcoming challenges.

● The benefits you gain from overcoming obstacles are ones you would not have gotten otherwise.

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