How to create an irresistible offer and get people to say “yes”

Creating a killer offer is tough af.

Yet I closed 4 out of my 5 High-ticket offers.

I’m not a natural so I rely on a system.

Here’s my 6-Step Guide to create an Irresistible offer ( to get an instant Yes)

Most values in here are taken from $100 million offers.

But I’ll show you how you can easily apply these frameworks.

It works for coaching, consultation and services.

Let’s dive in.

You need to keep 4 things in mind :

• Dream Outcome.

• Perceived likelihood of achievement.

• Time delay.

• Effort and sacrifice.

We’ll tackle each point and then put it together to create A High ticket offer.

1. Dream Outcome

Everyone is looking to increase their status and rest is just a surface level need.

In my case “10K Followers” is a status symbol they actually want to be seen as equal to the big accounts.

Find a connection between their desire and your service.

2. Perceived Likelihood of Achievement

Let’s say you know what they want, but do they believe you’ll help them get there?

This is where your testimonials kick in.

If you’re gym trainer who has helped 100+ clients lose weight, they’ll believe you.

Always show your case studies

3. Time Delay

Fast beats free.

If two people offer the same end result but one offers it for free –

“Get Shredded in 12 Months”

While the other offers it quickly but for a high price

“Get Shredded in 3 months ”

People will run to the 2nd one.

But let’s say your service takes time to deliver results.

In that case you need early wins.

Little checkpoints to believe they made the right decision.

“In the first 2 weeks , we will get you at least 100 qualified leads and $10k revenue”

4. Effort and sacrifice

Their are 3 types of service :

Do it yourself – Buy my course and execute it.

Done with you – Buy my course and if get you stuck anywhere I’ll help. ( Coaching)

Done for you – Just hire me and I’ll do the job.

The more action it requires from you, the more you can charge.

If you’re in DFY, make a list of everything you’ll do for them.

They may appear obvious to you, but not to them.

Just make a long list of problems you’ll be solving. ( More on this in 6 th point)

5. Guarantee

I call this the knock-out punch.

But it’s not needed in most cases.

If you’ve a strong case study then you don’t need guarantee.

You only give it when they’re on the fence and say words like :

“ I’ll think about it “

“ I’m not sure this will work for me “

Then you can slap a guarantee.

But The problem with guarantee they all sound the same.

‘I’ll give your money back’

‘I’ll keep working for you until we reach the target’

You can think out of the box and say :

“ If I don’t deliver results I’ll refund the money & give $1000 “

6. The Whole package

As you’ve got everything together.

You can say :

“Now in my experience, when it comes to ( The Desire) you absolutely can do ( My Solution) that I did with my other client.( Testimonials)

It will take ( Time delay) but you’ll see results in just 2 weeks”

Now the 2nd part of it , you can add all solution we listed in 4th one

” I’ll create a tailor fit routine for you.

2 weekly sessions to keep you accountable.

Healthy takeaways diet if you travel or eat out a lot.

I’ll send the protein and diets to your door each month “


6 Step guide to create High Ticket Offer :

1. Dream Outcome
2. Perceived Likelihood of Achievement
3. Time Delay
4. Effort and sacrifice
5. Guarantee
6. The Whole package

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