On Purpose with Jay Shetty – Radhi Shetty ON: How to Stop Parenting Your Partner Podcast Summary

Jay & His Wife Radhi ON: How to Stop Parenting Your Partner & The “Perfect” Relationship Myth – Jay Shetty | Free Podcast Summary

On Purpose with Jay Shetty – Radhi Shetty ON: How to Stop Parenting Your Partner

From Jay Shetty: Radhi(my wife) and I sit down for our yearly check-in as we answer questions about relationships and marriage. Come join us and let’s discover the beauty of open communication, supportive partnership, and setting new goals together this year.  

Embracing change to strengthen your relationship

  • Life can bring a lot of changes that can put stress on relationships.
  • It’s important to be tolerant towards your partner and not be codependent.
  • It takes a lot of maturity to be happy in yourself and not make your partner feel bad or guilty even if they need to be away for a while.
  • Being consistent and supportive towards your partner is really special.
  • Change can be scary but it can help us to live without any expectations of what’s coming in the future.
  • Having a partner who can be by your side through all the ups and downs is a blessing.

Aligning your relationship

  • Taking time out to check in with yourself and your relationships is an important part of personal growth and development.
  • Living with integrity enables us to give love constantly as we are always in alignment with ourselves.
  • Embrace change and have courage to discover yourself and your values.
  • Having a supportive partner who can be by your side through all the ups and downs is a blessing and embracing change can help strengthen your relationship.

Help the other person fall in love with themselves

  • Being mindful of the roles we take on in relationships can have a profound impact on one another.
  • Having a supportive partner or parent is essential to reach our goals and maintain good health.
  • Love is about helping someone to fall in love with themselves, not with you.
  • Finding a balance between helping others genuinely and not using it as a distraction from our own life issues is key, as well as learning to communicate and fight in a healthy way and forgiving when necessary.

Express your emotions

  • Communication styles can differ widely between partners in a relationship, but learning to cope with these differences is key to building a successful relationship.
  • Embrace imperfections and be honest in expressing and releasing emotions.
  • Allowing yourself to express your emotions can help you better understand them, and taking care of your mental health is critical.
  • Understand that everyone processes an argument differently and try to communicate effectively to come to a resolution.

Focus on what makes you happy

  • Push away the outside noise and focus on what truly makes you happy and don’t let other people’s expectations define you.
  • Building meaningful relationships requires you to invest time and energy while maintaining the same behavior and attitude in all relationships.
  • Invest in meaningful conversations to nurture relationships and support each other’s growth and development.
  • Love your partner for who they are, not what they achieve, and unlock your relationship’s potential.

Be present

  • Love and appreciate yourself for your successes and use a partner to help you stay honest and grounded.
  • Celebrating the success of others is more than just boosting their ego; it is a way of showing appreciation for their hard work and its instrumental role in all relationships.
  • Presence is key when it comes to relationships, invest time and effort in being truly present with the people you care about.
  • Trying something adventurous or extreme can help bring couples closer together and help them understand each other better.

Stay connected to your partner

  • Exploring new activities and having meaningful conversations can help strengthen your relationship.
  • Embrace the unexpected and keep an open mind when looking for a partner.
  • Stay connected to your partner even when life gets busy and be supportive of each other.
  • Regular communication is essential for maintaining a strong relationship, even when partners are apart.

Go on vacations

  • Set aside time each month to go away from distractions and spend intentional time together to build and maintain relationships even when busy.
  • Regular check-ins and communication are essential for having a successful relationship and should be prioritized in order to create moments and experiences together.
  • Appreciating the hard work of others and maintaining a connection can create a fulfilling journey through life.
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