Unraveling the Astonishing UFO Histories and Possibilities #bigIdeas

The Story of Russians Soldiers Who Turned to Stone After Shooting Down an UFO | Joe Rogan podcast

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The Story of Russians Soldiers Who Turned to Stone After Shooting Down an UFO | Joe Rogan podcast

Delve into mystical skies and intriguing encounters in this mind-bending discussion featuring Joe Rogan and Post Malone who is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer.

Explore the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), outlandish historical events, and ponder the existence of life on other planets.

Interpreting Photos from Mars

Understanding photos from Mars requires a comprehensive process that goes beyond standard photography.

These images, shot in black and white, are essentially data that need to be interpreted to form a comprehensive image.

Gradual Acceptance of Alien Existence

A slow, steady flow of information has initiated a gradual acceptance of the existence of aliens.

The surprising aspect, however, is the limited attention these extraordinary UFO disclosures have received from the general public.

Reminiscing the Battle of Los Angeles

The ‘Battle of Los Angeles,’ a historically significant event where a large unidentified object was fired upon, showcases the beginnings of human interaction with potential extraterrestrials.

The incident, involving the spotlighting of a flying saucer-like entity, continues to invoke curiosity and discussion.

Mysterious Episode from the Soviet Union

A baffling incident from the Soviet Union, wherein soldiers allegedly transformed into stone after firing at a UFO, challenges our thinking about alien technology.

This meticulously documented event by the KGB and reportedly investigated by the CIA involved a low-flying saucer-shaped spaceship, mysterious humanoids, and an unexpected aftermath.

Testimonies of Petrified Soldiers and UFO Remnants

Compelling testimonies from the two surviving soldiers recount how after being under attack, aliens from the UFO merged and exploded into a bright light.

This light, astonishingly, petrified 23 soldiers while those shielded by shade survived.

Subsequently, the UFO remnants and petrified soldiers were supposedly shifted to a secretive research institution near Moscow.

Implications and Perceptions of Alien Encounters

Such perplexing stories prompt a deep dive into the potential reality of alien technology and weaponry.

The ongoing UFO disclosures beg the question of discerning truth from unverified information.

It invites us to think critically about our understanding of alien existence and interaction.

Pondering Extraterrestrial Life and Advanced Drone Technology

The existence of life on other planets and advanced drone technology are significant possibilities to consider.

Earth’s potential visits by extraterrestrial beings coupled with the lack of concrete evidence create a fascinating conundrum around these topics.


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