The Chalk Story: How Mathematicians Got Obsessed With A Chalk And What It Means For Your Product?

Mathematicians were obsessed with a Chalk called FullTouch and the story has many lessons for product leaders and founders.

3/5 singers in India. When there were rumors of the company stopping production, there was panic among the singers community! What happened with Hagoromo and Kushal Kanthil is a dream scenario for brands – a dedicated subset of audience that depends exclusively on one brand,
4/5 despite alternatives. The brands’ need has been etched in this dedicated users’ minds and they do the word-of-mouth themselves. The question is, how does a brand/product attain this haloed level? Is there a formula to reach this stature? Can it be reverse-engineered by
5/5 identifying a niche user category and consciously (using research) producing an apt product for them? on some vague level, I feel 3M is perhaps that kind of a company that has scaled the process to bring useful products to audiences (usually specific) on a frequent basis.

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